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Parents of young children have so much to concern them, and keeping track of which pieces of furniture are going to hurt their kids shouldn’t have to be one of them. At Karl’s for Kids, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our products meet the utmost quality and safety standards. You can never be too careful when it comes to your child’s well-being, and the latest outrage regarding deadly dressers is one prime example.

Last month, a well-known national furniture chain recalled several million of their popular dressers, although they stopped short of using that language, preferring instead to market it as a ‘repair’ program, and did not ask for customers who had already purchased the dressers to return them. The catalyst for this push came after the deaths of two young children, a 23-month old from Washington and a 2-year old from West Chester, both of which were as the result of topping dressers.

It’s not just parent groups who are fighting for the inclusion of higher safety standards by the chain in their children’s furniture; last week the compliance director of Hooker Furniture wrote to the Consumer Products Safety Commission that the company, which has its US headquarters in Conshohocken, has been ‘blatantly negligent’ and responsible for the deaths of the children who use their dressers.  This comes on the heels of additional investigations, all of which have been resulting negatively for the Swedish-based company.

In an independent investigation by the Philadelphia Inquirer, it was found that the dressers could not pass even the simplest of safety tip-tests. There were two dressers in question that had been recalled, and when the drawers were extended even without any items in them, and completely empty, the dressers still crashed forward. Additional tests were carried out by Bobby Puett of Diversified Testing Laboratories, who found the same shocking results, which were much worse than other pieces of furniture designed with the same children in mind.

The dressers from this particular chain are unstable. When there was 50 pounds of weight on a drawer, roughly the weight of a small child, they also came tumbling forward. Clearly, these are not products designed for use by unsupervised children, but as we all know, there’s no telling what a child will get into. The company has acknowledged after a voluntary stability standard meeting that they don’t believe their dressers need to comply with these standards, since their dressers are designed to be mounted on to the walls.

For your child’s safety, it’s important to make sure that dressers are reinforced with stability and able to withstand weight on the opened drawers. Karl’s recommends that parents attach brackets or straps to secure furniture to the walls to ensure safety. With curious little ones it is very important that those heavy pieces are anchored to minimize the possibility of tip over, especially for shelves, dressers, and certain types of cabinets.

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