Gearing Up For Twins

As any new parent knows, having babies can be expensive: and two at the same time often seems staggering. Luckily, throughout your twins’ life they’ll share many things: developmental milestones, friendships, a bedroom, toys, and books. Right off the bat, there are a number of products you can enjoy your children sharing, while others are still important for them to have separately. As they grow older, their tastes will likely diverge and make it more difficult to support the individual children with the same items (or outfits!) but as babies, you have much more flexibility in getting your items 1-for-2.

Hang On To Hand Me Downs. Hand me down clothes are every younger sibling’s complaint, but for young twins there’s nothing wrong with picking up as many outfits, blankets, and gently used pieces of clothing as you can. Babies will grow out of clothes in a shockingly fast rate, and there’s no reason for you to repeatedly buy two matching outfits in one size that they’ll both be out of in a week. Gathering up lots of clothes from neighbors and friends will also help you out in the laundry situation, and fewer chores that you can avoid doing during those hectic first weeks will be a lifesaver.

Combine and Conquer. As a new parent of twins, you’ll quickly realize that you can’t possibly take care of all their needs simultaneously. For full-focus activities such as bath time and diaper changing, having just one baby bathtub and changing table will be sufficient in caring for your little ones. Toys will certainly be able to be shared for infants, as will a play yard, and one double stroller so you’re able to push them both at once, unless you and your partner plan to take the two babies in different directions often. Think logically about what is able to be shared, because at a young age, they really won’t mind.

Twice the Fun: With your twins, you’re in for a lifetime of double the fun and double the stuff. There are some items for which this is unavoidable, including car seats, cribs, and soothing distractions such as bouncy seats and swings. In the situation where one of your babies gets sick, you’ll need to be careful to prevent them infecting their sibling, so keep all medicine containers, nose droppers, and other medical items. Though you can use the same changing table, you’ll want to get two different layette sets, including towels, and washcloths, additionally to prevent any infections spreading.

At Karl’s for Kids, we care about providing exceptional quality services and products for you and your young children. As you begin to juggle the many responsibilities associated with having twins, especially if they’re not your first children, you’ll come to appreciate the lengths to which we go to make sure your shopping experience is as convenient and efficient as possible. To learn more about the products that we offer for your family, give us a call today at (215) 627-2515 or stop by our 4 level showroom. We look forward to serving you and your family soon.