Neutral Nursery Color Schemes

In today’s world, there are far more options for your nursery than a pink or blue explosion of flower petals and sports equipment. Many parents are choosing to go with alternative colors, and are even fully decorating a nursery without knowing the gender of their child. Pastels and bright colors are always in style in a happy nursery, and when used in conjunction with the proper accessories and furniture staples, can make a huge impact into the overall look of your nursery.

In addition to branching out from the formerly rigid blue and pink nursery rules, using different color schemes can also pair nicely with your child’s favorite colors as they grow. Blue goes wonderfully with a cool color scheme of gray, green, and white, and can be used for a cheerful nautical nursery theme. For more of a warmer vibe, try out orange and yellow stripes with red accents. You can use these bright colors to liven up a room without ample natural light, and create a positive first environment for your child. Earth tones can be soothing and versatile with a number of furniture style choices. With neutral walls, you can easily brighten up a room through colored blankets, wall hangings and furniture accents. There are endless options for every budget and base room starting situation. The colors of your nursery room make a charming statement and ensure that your baby will be quite at home in their new space.

If you house has a particular color scheme running throughout your décor, consider matching the baby room likewise. Online social media sites such as Pinterest have plenty of craft ideas and color variations. Always remember to bring home sample paints from the store before committing to a whole wall; there’s nothing worse than finishing a major renovation project and discovering the end result is not to your liking! Fortunately, the nursery is a place where you should feel comfortable experimenting to find just the right color combination and decoration style that fits for you.

As your child grows, you may find it necessary to convert the beloved nursery into a toddler room, or eventually even into a ‘big kid’ setup. Blue is a very solid and reliable color for these purposes, and certainly not ‘just for boys’. In addition, while it’s important to find a color scheme that will be pleasant for your child, don’t overlook that amount of time you’ll be spending in the room, either! Find a series of tones that are easy on the eyes, and which you will enjoy spending substantial time being around every day.

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