Kid’s Room Décor Trends

No longer just the realm of pink ponies and blue sailboats, there’s no reason the kid’s room can’t be as fashionable as the rest of your home. If you’re feeling the pull to upgrade or revitalize your child’s space, Karl’s has you covered. Here are a few trends we’ve seen on the rise.

Feature Walls

While wallpaper is a tried and true favorite, there is something to be said for a boldly colored or wood-paneled feature wall. Occasionally more expensive than wallpaper, this is one trend that will pay off if you ever decide to sell your home. In addition, wood is timeless! Any wooden décor can certainly grow with your child, and undercut any costly renovations during those teenage years.

One favorite wood style we’ve seen is the use of distressed wood, which can be paired wonderfully with similarly textured furniture. It’s also an ideal fit for those sometimes rambunctious kids: sturdy and made to withstand any number of bumps and bruises.

Wall Letters

Oversized initials hanging on the wall are a cute way to showcase your child’s name, and can be created in any size, shape, or style. If you have a budding young diva, try a swirly cursive style adorned with marquee lights! These are such a versatile trend that will delight kids no matter their personality. For a fun bonding activity, try decorating these letters with your child to help include a sense of pride in helping to decorate their own room.

Shared Spaces

Once your child graduates from the nursery, oftentimes you’ll be doubling up siblings in a shared room. This is great for helping them work through sharing toys and time, but can become a decorating challenge if not approached with a comprehensive plan and end goal for your ideal room. Talk with your kids to see what styles they’d like to have in their space, and find a way to combine both of their interests into a room that matches their own unique personalities.

Bunk beds are a longtime favorite for kids and parents alike, as they help to save space in a sometimes limited environment. Twin beds with upholstered headboards are also a fun alternative, and can be made to uniquely represent each child without looking too mismatched. Try using complementary colors to create a space where your children can thrive together.

Even if you aren’t sharing a room between two siblings, it can be useful to have an extra bed space for sleepovers, and a lot more comfortable than putting a sleeping bag on the rug!

You want to create the perfect space for your kids, and Karl’s is here to help you do it! Come down to us at 724 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, or give us a call at 215-627-2515 for more advice or information on all the ways we can keep your kids’ rooms on trend and in style.